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○Having you obey it in participation

● There is often that I slip because I do it on ice and fall down. Please bring gloves protecting a hat protecting the head and a way on this occasion to prevent an injury.
● Even if the hat is for a ski, I do not mind even a baseball cap. Anyway, the thing which does not come off when I fell down.
● In addition, the shoes, please bring sports shoes (the shoes which a slipper effect is high in if I can do it) for the room. When the sand mud from the outdoors is brought in on the ice, I obstruct a play.
● The clothes warm it, and come. In addition, it may become hot when I exercise. One piece will have good thing coming off.
● Toward the beginner, the tool lends the thing which I prepared in our club.
● Please refrain from the hangover, the poor physical condition.
● Please leave the one not to be accompanied by for the instructions of the instructor.
● Please be always conscious of things called the plays on the ice to the last.
● Because you are necessary for accident insurance, please fill in personal information in one (regardless of experience) without the participation results more than one, five years of the first participation. Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, there cannot be the thing that the personal information that I had shows it other than use of the insurance at all.



 ★ I carry out the activity place in Bank of Yokohama ice arena (Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi).
★ In the nearest station, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Yokohama Line "Higashikanagawa" are Tokyu Toyoko Line "Tammachi".
★ Because there is the parking lot, coming by car is possible, too. In addition, the parking lot is charged. But the exercise society participant is 500 yen for three hours. Please show a stationed-in-bike-race ticket on this occasion (in the case of the public one hour 500 yen) at a reception desk. Please leave a shed within three hours. Details
★ I accept the entrance from the front entrance. An entrance gate is on the second floor, and please gather before a gate. Because I cannot enter it in a waiting room, a link ten minutes before a start if there is not it (the preparations worker is excluded), I think that can rank came in 15 minutes before start.
★ Please manage the valuables by each person. Please use the locker (free) for exclusive use of valuables, the locker room (pay) in the waiting room. I can put the baggage in a carry-on, the rinkside seat in a link.
★ There are the instructions from ice arena, too. Please read participation, the observed one. Instructions



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