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○ YCC news
● For "a true mixed curling championship in Japan" M and team "life S pair "Kanagawa MAPPY" of the member of inform it"
I get the participation right wonderfully and expect great activity for a representative from Japan. The meeting schedule for from February 24 to February 28 in Moseushi-cho, Hokkaido
It is held. Let's support you in everybodies.


○Opening meet information

● It was announced the YCT "YMCC curling tour" schedule in 2016.
YCT: 5/1 7/18 9/22 12/23 YCT-B (super beginner): 2/11 5/15 9/22
Lake Yamanaka Maple curling club /YCT


● On February 13, 2016, it is Saturday of 26th for 19 days on March 12 for 20 days: With the ice skating link in the Aichi harpoon kolo park, "東海櫻花賞" is held. The details association of Aichi curling HP (is the deadline on January 31.)


● January 11, 2016: "YCT finals" (meeting only for YCT high rank teams) is held in Culp Creek Rex Fuji.
A part of YCC member, participation decision! A team name "tequila sunrise" "to inform life"


● From 9 to 11 on January in 2016: "Karuizawa convertible ring meeting" is held in Karuizawa ice park.
A part of YCC member seems to participate. (the offer was closed)


● December 23, 2015: "YMCC curling tour" is held in Culp Creek Rex Fuji (Lake Yamanaka).
It is belonging to "a tequila sunrise" and, in part of YCC members, participates.














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