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※Sorry, The link is correspondence only for Japanese.

○Bulletin board for exclusive use of the Yokohama curling club member
YCC めんばー BBS
● It is the bulletin board for exclusive use of the Yokohama curling club member. I use it for an opening meet, a meeting of the exercise society and do not mind even the topics except the curling such as present condition reports. It is a password admission system. As for the password inquiry, an inquiry form or a manager has a notification bottom. By the way, I recommend that I close a browser when I come back.

○ Yokohama curling club office worker blog
Today's activity report @YCC secretariat
● It is "gripe" about the curling of the manager. I place a photograph or the state of the meeting and exercise society.

○ Collection of YCC photographs of member O
● Collection of exercise society scenery photographs (an inquiry required informs it of an exclusive page and password)
In the case of an inquiry, the person of the password hope, please specify contact information (but I am limited to one participated in continuously)

○ With Yokohama curling club member?
Yokohama curling club member














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